AITM Seminars >> 9th Public Seminar: “Infrastructure investment under risk and uncertainty” by Prof. Harry Clarke


The 9th AITM Public Seminar was delivered on December 3, 2013 at its seminar hall by Prof. Harry Clarke, a Visiting Professor at AITM and a Professor of economics at La Trobe University, Australia. The topic of the seminar was “Infrastructure investment under risk and uncertainty”.

Title: Infrastructure investment under risk and uncertainty
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Harry Clarke, Vising Prof. – AITM; Prof. of Economics – La Trobe University, Australia
Date: December 3, 2013

His talk covered various topics such as -analysis of projects under ignorance of facts affecting returns; analysis of real options; attention on scale and character of project itself; policies to promote flexibility at low cost; advantages of heuristics over real option approach and relevance of new methodology and approaches in developing countries despite lack of infrastructure. Prof. Clarke also broadened the knowledge by providing general information on infrastructure investment under risk and uncertainty, the problems faced by Nepal and methodology of investment to be used to minimize risk with examples. The seminar had approximately 50 participants including students, faculty members and staffs at AITM, representative of Kathmandu University and Nepal Television, among others. The presentation was followed by question and answer session. The seminar started with welcome remarks and speaker’s introduction by Prof. Dr. Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, Co-Chair of AITM Academic Council, was formally closed with a vote of thanks by Mr. Pramodh Pradhan, the director of AITM. Prof. Dr. Tiwari also presented a token of appreciation to Prof. Clarke on behalf of AITM.

The seminar flyer can be downloaded from following link: 9th_AITM_Public_Seminar