Guna Raj Niraula
Member, Board of Directors

Brief work experience: Guna Raj Niraula started his career as a young engineer from Department of Roads, Kathmandu, Nepal. He worked for 5 years at Kohalpur-Mahakali Highway Project based in Kohalpur and Attaria as a Resident Engineer with Canadian Consultant- N.D. Lea deputed from Department of Roads. In early 1993 once Cambodia signed Paris Treaty then the country was opened for International Agenciesthen Niraula entered UN ILO (United Nations International Labour Organisation) for development work as Labour-Based Works Specialist.

After continuously working for 10 years in Cambodia Mr. Niraula moved to Afghanistan to work with UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services) where he served about 3 years as a UN Expert. After Afghanistan Mr. Niraula was transferred by UNOPS to work in Sri Lanka for Tsunami affected areas with UNOPS itself. After completing the assignment of three and half years in Srilanka, Mr. Niraula came back to Nepal and he got a chance to look after the newlyinvested college- White House Education Network. Mr. Niraula is a Free Lance-Consultant and in the mean time would like to serve for betterment of White House College and AITM.

Education: Master of Science in Engineering with Specialization in Highways, (University of Highway and Automobile Engineering, Kharkov, Ukraine); Certificate in Civil Engineering, Institute of Engineering (Pulchok Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal).

Message: Being a Board Member and a Civil-Highway Engineer and spending a significant part of career abroad, I like to wish for all students, especially future engineers and managers that let they study hard and involve actively into the construction-development industries once they complete their education. For this, nation itself should create development-friendly environment by attracting more investors, business partners and in the mean time by creating a safe and peaceful place to live and work.

Nepal is a home of natural beauty with so many other potentials and opportunities. Country still needs more excavators to dig, more cranes to lift, more engineers to build, more architects to craft and more managers to guide. So, my message to all is let’s try our best to achieve the above goal and finally become a proud citizen of a strong and a healthy nation