Hari Krishna Saiju
Head of Biotechnology Department


Trainings: Seed Technology, University of Edinburgh, UK; Germplasm Exploration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Horticulture Genebank, University of California, Davis, USA

Publications: 36 research papers on Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Genetic Resources, Cytology

Participation: 24 National and International workshop, Symposium, Seminar

Award: Crown Prince Dipendra Science & Technology Youth Award- 1988, Royal Nepal Academy of Science & Technology (RONAST), Nepal

Area of Interest: Plant Tissue Culture & Agriculture Biotechnology

Countries travelled: UK, USA, Israel, India, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Germany, Finland, Philippines

Affiliation with Professional Organizations: Nepal Biotechnology Association, Nepal Botanical Society, Nepal Pharmaceutical Association, Association of British Alumni Nepal

Career: Biology Demonstrator; Padma Kanya College; Lecturer; Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University; Scientific Officer, Royal Botanical Garden; Plant Resources Expert, National Planning Commission; Director General, Department of Plant Resources, Ministry of Forests & Soil Conservation

Research interest: Plant tissue culture

Research grants: Tissue culture of Garlic from Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment

Ongoing research: Production of virus free Potato through tissue culture