Anil Byanjankar


Education: BE Computer Engineering from Himalayan WhiteHouse Int’l College affiliated to Purbanchal University.

Experience: 8 month internship form Radio Nepal, and 4 year as a Lab Instructor and Lab Administrator. Present Involvement: System Administrator and Involved in different research projects going on at Geospatial Research Center (GeoSRC) Job Description Responsible for designing, organizing, modifying, and supporting a company's computer systems. Designs and installs LANs, WANs, Internet and intranet systems, and network segments. Primary responsibilities -Support LANs, WANs, network segments, Internet, and intranet systems. -Maintain system efficiency. -Installing and administrating Microsoft Windows Server 2012 -Sharing and security -Ensure design of system allows all components to work properly together. -Troubleshoot problems reported by users and faculties. -Make recommendations for future upgrades. -Maintain network and system security. -Analyze and isolate issues. -Monitor networks to ensure security and availability to specific users. -Evaluate and modify system's performance. -Identify user needs. -Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security. -Ensure network connectivity throughout a company's LAN/WAN infrastructure is on par with technical considerations. -Design and deploy networks. -Website updating ( -Perform network address assignment. -Assign configuration of authentication and authorization of directory services. -Maintain network facilities in individual machines, such as drivers and settings of personal computers as well as printers. -Maintain network servers such as file servers, Windows Deployment Service, intrusion detection systems. -Administer servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, phones, security updates and patches.