AITM News and Events >> NEF-CCN donates 300,000 Baht for AIT library



The Nepal Education Foundation-Consortium of Colleges (NEF-CCN) has donated 300,000 Baht to the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) as a contribution towards its rebuilding and reconstruction. The donation, which was made on 8 January 2012, is to be spent on rebuilding the AIT library.
token contribution, they wish to convey to the entire AIT community that “they were with AIT, they are with AIT, and they will be with AIT.” NEF-CCN and AIT are kindred spirits whose aim is to work towards generation of human resources, he said. “Our contribution comes from our heart, and we want to express our solidarity with AIT,” he added.

Prof. Mathe stated that while 2011 was a critical year for the Institute, 2012 will mark the resurgence and appearance of a revitalized AIT. He stated that considering the circumstances, the concept of satellite campus becomes more relevant to AIT, since this could help in contributing towards the resurgence of the mother campus. Prof. Mathe was accompanied by Dr. Pramod Bahadur Shrestha, Coordinator, NEF-CCN.

Prof. Said Irandoust, President, AIT, while accepting the donation, expressed his gratitude for helping AIT in times of crisis. “I appreciate our friends from Nepal whose help is unselfish, unlimited and without any condition,” the President remarked. “From all of us at AIT, I can assure you that the donation will be invested in areas where you wish,” he said. Prof. Irandoust thanked both Prof. Mathe and Dr. Shrestha for mobilizing the community in Nepal for supporting AIT.

Those who attended the donation hand-over ceremony included Mr. Karma Rana, Institute Secretary, AIT; Mr. Gyanendra R. Sthapit, Coordinator of the Habitech Center, AIT; and Ms. Sumana Shrestha, Program Officer, External Relations and Communications Office (ERCO).